New video teaser for Samsung Galaxy S IV brings back "Jeremy"

Last week, Samsung began its video teaser campaign for the Galaxy S IV reveal by introducing us to "Jeremy Maxell", the so-called "secret messenger" for Samsung's big press event that will be held in New York City on Thursday. Today, Samsung released its second teaser video that features Jeremy.

The second teaser video shows Jeremy taking the box containing ... something (we assume it's the Galaxy S IV) back to his suburban home via his chauffeured limo (Nice, Jeremy). Before he can get inside, he's spotted by Jen, a cute but somewhat nosy girl Jeremy's age, who wants to know what's in the box and apparently thinks that the box, and what's inside is for her.

Jeremy blows off Jen and the scooter she rode in on as he takes the box inside to his home and takes another peak inside. He says that whatever is in the box, the color of it is his favorite. The last bit of the teaser video shows Jeremy getting ready for his "big day" by brushing his teeth and finding a tie to go along with his suit.

We wouldn't be surprised to see Jeremy on stage on Thursday as he takes the box to the stage at the Samsung press event. However, if we were Jeremy, we would watch out for Jen; she seems sneaky.

Source: Samsung on YouTube

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