New Xeon Stunned by materials shortage

Intel is having problems supplying customers with its newly announced 533MHz frontside bus, 2.8GHz Xeon processors because of a shortage of "supplier raw materials", we learn.

Resellers trying to obtain the chip have been frustarted by a lack of supply. One told us: "Intel personnel said that with the release of the Placer chipset that product would be available. That was one month ago. Now all of a sudden we have a problem?"

One distributor has received two revised ship dates already, complains our source. "Intel really screwed us this time," he says. He said the delay was frustrating, but worse, it is "getting costly too.

Another reseller said he had "10k worth" of Supermicro boards in his warehouse waiting for chips that Intel won't be able to supply until January. "We're pissed," he said, "to put it politely."

View: Intel 2.8GHz Xeons suffer raw materials shortage

News source: The Inquirer

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