Nexon America reports 59 percent higher revenues in latest quarter

The free-to-play MMO game publisher Nexon America announced that revenues for the quarter that ended on March 31 grew a massive 59 percent compared to the same time period from a year ago. In its email press release, Nexon America did not mention specific financial numbers but did says that the first quarter of the year is normally a slow period "making the enormous jump in revenues particularly notable."

Nexon America, a division of Korea-based Nexon and based in Los Angeles, runs a number of free-to-play MMO games including the fantasy games Maple Story and Mabinogi, the first person shooter title Combat Arms, the action-RPG-fighting game Dungeon Fighter Online and most recently the Source Engine based fantasy MMO Vindictus. Also in the first quarter, Nexon America became the new home for another free-to-play MMO game, Atlantica Online, after Nexon purchased the game's publisher nDoors.

Nexon America's next major game launch is yet another fantasy MMO, Dragon Next. It also is about to launch its first Facebook-based social game, Maple Leaf Adventures. Both games are due to be launched sometime this summer and will be shown off next month at E3 2011. In addition, Nexon America announced the Nexon Initiative program in 2010 which gave indie game developers a chance to submit game designs to the publisher for a chance to be published and to share in a $1 million development budget. Nexon picked two developers to work with in 2010 and has already launched its 2011 campaign to sign up more indie developers.

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