Next-gen console info hacker threatens to leak more info today [Update]

The man who tried to sell two early Xbox One hardware developer kits on eBay and later had his home raided by law enforcement in Australia is now threatening to expose even more information on Microsoft's next console, among other things. The hacker, known as SuperDaE, says the information will be offered if he is formally arrested sometime today.

Kotaku reports that SuperDaE, who has the real first name of Dylan, claims that he has set up a way to send out an automated message to his Twitter account if he is not in front of his computer in Perth at 8 pm local time (8 am Eastern time). He claims the Twitter message will have a link to a FTP server where anyone will be able to access two TB of read-only files.

Those FTP files reportedly contain software development kits for the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 and the Wii U consoles. He also claims to have code from Epic's Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine, older code for upcoming games such as Company of Heroes 2 and more.

While the local police and FBI raid on SuperDaE's home happened in February, no charges were filed at that time. SuperDaE believes the raid was conducted thanks to a request from Microsoft, but the company has denied any official involvement. SuperDaE claims he is making a "political statement" with today's threatened file release, adding. "The U.S. works on Capitalism. The government isn't Microsoft's personal servant."

Update: Gizmodo Australia reports that SuperDaE was in fact charged by the local police but not on any computer related issues. SuperDaE posted on his Twitter account that he has made bail and will apparently not be releasing his data of game code and information today. He has yet to state what exactly he has been charged with.

Source: Kotaku

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