Nier: Automata upgrade patch incoming for the Steam version

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The Steam version of Nier: Automata has been in a rough state since its launch in 2017, with the popular action game suffering performance and resolution-related issues that were never resolved. While the Steam version has lacked bug fixing updates, the recently released Microsoft Store version of the NieR: Automata BECOME AS GODS Edition (aimed at Xbox Game Pass users) landed with some much-needed improvements and stability updates.

Now, over three years after its launch, an update is finally coming to the deserted Steam version. The official Twitter account of Nier series announced the news, saying "an upgrade patch for the Steam version of NieR: Automata is currently in development," but did not go into detail on what will be included:

The Microsoft Store Windows 10 port of Nier: Automata had been handled by the studio QLOC, which said it was developed "on special request from PlatinumGames". The upgrade included a borderless windowed play setting (fixing resolution issues), AMD FidelityFX suite, HDR, and 4K upscaled UI textures. It's likely that the Steam version will include the same fixes and enhancements.

It will be interesting to see how the recommended mod by the community for fixing the Steam version of Nier: Automata will function following the update. The game also suffered a review bombing campaign on Steam last month after it was revealed that the Microsoft Store version had arrived touting new fixes.

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