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Kingdom Hearts is coming to Steam after three years of Epic Games Store exclusivity

Kingdom Hearts

The popular Square Enix and Disney collaboration series Kingdom Hearts has been console exclusive since its inception, reaching almost every console platform and even mobile since its debut in 2002. The titles finally jumped over to PC in 2021 but as exclusives to the Epic Games Store. Now, Square Enix has announced a Steam release is on the way, with the games landing on the popular PC storefront on June 13, 2024.

The unique franchise mashes together popular Disney, Pixar, and Final Fantasy characters together with original roles by Square, making for a fantasy action-RPG experience with plenty of crossovers. After a three-year wait, fans of Steam can finally jump into the hit series next month.

Kingdom Hearts

Here's everything that will launch on Steam according to Square Enix, which interestingly doesn’t seem to include the rhythm entry Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory:

  • KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue
  • KINGDOM HEARTS INTEGRUM MASTERPIECE (bundle that includes all the above compilations)

Moreover, Square Enix is throwing in a Steam-exclusive Keyblade titled Dead of Night. This will be available to use in-game by anyone purchasing the KINGDOM HEARTS III + ReMind DLC or the INTEGRUM MASTERPIECE bundle.

"Across these titles, you’ll experience the 'Dark Seeker Saga' and play through Sora’s humble beginnings on the idyllic Destiny Islands, his fateful meeting with Donald Duck and Goofy, and ultimately the trio’s climactic battle against the forces of darkness," says the publisher regarding the overall story arc.

Each entry in this list is a pack of individual titles and expansions, letting players experience the story from beginning to end. The Steam versions' pricing will probably mimic what's offered on the Epic Games Store unless a launch discount happens on June 13. For new players, Square Enix also has a handy guide on what order to play the numerous games over here. Square Enix is currently developing Kingdom Hearts IV as well, though a release date has not materialized yet.

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