Nintendo DS to launch with up to 10 titles

Further details of Nintendo's plans for the imminent launch of the Nintendo DS handheld in the USA have emerged today, with the firm planning eight to twelve launch titles for the console at a $29.99 price point. The company is due to hold a press conference in Seattle later today where the full line-up will be unveiled, but early leaks have revealed a number of key details about the launch software for the console.

Nintendo itself is to launch the console alongside Super Mario 64 DS (originally called Super Mario 64x4), which will feature Luigi, Yoshi and Wario as new playable characters, each with their own unique abilities and set of stylus-driven minigames. Third-party publishers will provide the remainder of the line-up, with titles expected from Activision (Spider-Man 2), Electronic Arts (Madden NFL, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, The Urbz: Sims in the City), THQ (Ping Pals) and Sega (Feel the Magic: XY-XX).

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