Nintendo Switch version 10.0 adds button remapping, data transfer to SD cards

It's been over six months since Nintendo released a significant system update for the Nintendo Switch hybrid console, but the hiatus has ended and version 10.0 is now available. This release may be one of the more significant ones yet, and that's because it adds the ability to remap the controller buttons.

Yes, starting with this update, the Switch allows users to configure the analog stick and button inputs for each controller paired with the console. Settings can be configured for both Joy-Con and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and if you have a Nintendo Switch Lite, you can configure the built-in controls too. Up to five configuration profiles can be stored for each controller, including the Switch Lite's built-in buttons. The configurations are stored on the Switch itself, so you can't take your custom configurations with you if you're connecting your controller to someone else's console, but this should still be a welcome addition. It's also worth noting that the feature only supports the aforementioned controllers.

Another notable addition is the ability to transfer software data, including updates and DLC, between the Switch's internal memory and an SD card. Up until now, downloaded software would go to the SD card when space is available, and to the system memory when it's not. The only way to change the location of the software is to redownload it so that it's automatically placed where you want it. This new capability should make it easier to manage your library.

Aside from these two big additions, there are a couple more features. It's now possible to bookmark news in the News section of the system, which would make them easier to find. Up to 300 items can be bookmarked, but you'll still need an internet connection to view them. If they're deleted on Nintendo's side, they'll no longer be accessible even if they were bookmarked.

In the User Settings page, there's a new section called Play Activity Settings, which now houses settings like "Display play activity to:" and "Delete Play Activity", which were previously in the Friends section. There are also six new profile icons based on Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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