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Nokia and Apple team up against Samsung

Nokia and Apple aren't the friendliest of companies to one another and that makes a lot of sense considering the state of the mobile market. So many people might be surprised to learn that the Finnish company has just filed an amicus brief alongside Apple to help them get an injunction against Samsung.

Apple has been trying to get an injunction against many of Samsung's devices ever since last year when Apple won a historic trial. The company was awarded a record breaking $1.05 billion as damages for copyright infringement by Samsung, but a judge nearly halved that only a few days ago. An injunction has also been denied for the Cupertino company, the judge arguing that Apple must prove that the patented features were "important drivers" of demand for the offending devices.

Apple has filed an appeal and Nokia has joined them in a bid to discourage what they see as a dangerous precedent. Nokia's lawyers argue that getting an injunction should not be so hard. Judges making companies jump through hoops are setting a dangerous precedent and Nokia warns that failing to grant this injunction "could cause wide-ranging damage to the United States patent protection landscape."

It's very interesting to see Nokia side with Apple on this case, especially because not too long ago they were fighting each other. Then again this gives further credence to an earlier rumor that stated the two companies had teamed up against Samsung.

Via: Ars Technica Source: Reuters

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