Nokia launches

As we await the official release of the Nokia Lumia 900 in less than a week on AT&T, Nokia is already ramping up its major publicity push for the launch of the Windows Phone-based smartphone. This weekend, Nokia launched a new website,, (via that is likely to serve as part of the new marketing campaign for the Lumia 900.

The website is counting down to something that will happen on Friday but before that happens, the site is already showing a continuous loop of a video with former Saturday Night Live team member Chris Parnell sitting in some kind of control center. He's clearly bored out of his mind but perhaps whatever the site is counting down to on Friday will keep him occupied.

The site also had three other videos that showed hidden camera footage of a fictional smartphone company. The videos portrayed its workers (their faces are digitized, of course) discussing some rather underhanded smartphone development ideas. Unfortunately, it seems like those videos were not meant for prime time yet; they have since been removed.

However, it looks like a brief teaser commercial spotlighting has been showing on various networks this weekend. You can check it out below.

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