Nokia Lumia 630 to have dual SIM support, 635 supports 4g; both have virtual navigation keys

Nokia is currently working on several Windows Phone 8.1 devices, two of which have already been revealed to be codenamed Moneypenny and Goldfinger. Previously, it was reported that Windows Phone 8.1 might include support for virtual navigation keys instead of hardware buttons, and it looks like Moneypenny may be one of the first to support the feature.

The home screen image was leaked by the usual suspect, @evleaks, and shows that the device will support two SIM cards. More so, the phone will also be using virtual navigation keys that can be seen at the bottom of the home screen.

Seeing that dual SIM phones are not traditionally used in the US, it looks like this phone might be headed to a low-cost market where such phones are more popular. This could be for the Asian market as well as the African market, but that’s hedging based on where dual SIM phones are popular.

Also, the clock in the top right likely indicates that this phone will be called the Lumia 630. This phone will be 3G only, but if you want 4G in the same form-factor, you will need to step up to the Lumia 635, which will include 4G support.

No word on when these devices will be released or their price point. On the latter, we would suspect that they should be cheaper based on their branding of the 6 series class of Lumia devices.

Source: @evleaks | Image via @evleaks

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