NVIDIA 7900GTX Details

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Hot on the heels of the NVIDIA 7900GT specs made available a few days ago come almost-final specifications for the company's next flagship card, the 7900GTX. Utilizing the 90nm process like the 7900GT, the GTX's core will reportedly have a stock clock speed of 655MHz. While this number has not been officially confirmed, DailyTech's sources claim this to be the final number. Other important specs include 24 pixel pipelines, a 256-bit memory interface, 52GB/sec memory bandwidth, and of course dual-link DVI. Memory clocks have not been reported. NVIDIA claims the card will provide double the floating point performance of its predecessors.

Expect the 7900GTX to debut early March.  If NVIDIA continues its past practices gamers can expect product availability coinciding with the launch, a policy which NVIDIA began last year and was adopted by ATI with its X1900 launch this past January.

News source: DailyTech

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