O2 mirrors AT&T, dumps iPhone unlimited data plan

UK network provider O2 has followed in the footsteps of their American counterparts by scrapping unlimited data plans for the new iPhone 4.

With the release of the next iPhone looming, O2 has announced its new data plans and their prices. Calling the new plans a "more transparent pricing model tied to usage", O2 claims based on current usage patterns, 97% of O2 smartphone customers would not need to buy additional data allowances, "as the lowest bundle (500MB) provides at least 2.5 times the average O2 customer’s current use."

The new data plans mean customers spending between £25-£35 a month will receive 500MB, those spending £40-£45 will receive 750MB a month and if you're happy to part with a £60 a month you'll get a measly 1GB.

All the tariffs will feature unlimited Wi-Fi, and all 3G data packages for new and upgrading customers will be unlimited until 1 October as part of a promotion to cushion the blow. Existing customers not wishing to upgrade will be able to keep their current contract with true unlimited data. New customers joining O2 before June 24 will also receive the existing unlimited data deal.

O2 CEO Ronan Dunne said: “We know that customers are looking for clarity in pricing as too many offers have clauses and catches which are not easy to understand. With the wide range of Internet based services now available on mobile devices we’re providing customers with generous clear data bundles that give customers freedom. This enables us to provide a better overall experience for the vast majority of customers and to better manage demand.”

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