Obsidian lays out a feature roadmap for Grounded, ziplines and bees coming soon

Grounded, Obsidian Entertainment's new miniaturized survival game, just received its bird-carrying first content update following a very successful launch on Xbox platforms and Steam. Now, the studio has shared what plans it has for the future of the early access title by putting forth a roadmap of upcoming features.

Dubbed the Feature Board, the roadmap lays out upcoming content that is currently in development, planned features, as well as additions that are a little further away and possibly still in the concept stage.

Obsidian said that as the game is in active development, changes can occur based on "feedback, the state of development, what's best for the game, the unknown, and our future plans." Features may get pushed around in the launch timeline, be vague until further planning is done, kept secret, or even removed entirely.

Some interesting additions to Grounded that are coming soon according to the Feature Board include ziplines, mosquitos, bees, and new environments, Koi Pond and Hedge. A little further out, Obsidian plans to implement the storyline's first act, fireflies, pillbugs, ant queens, and an insect pet system, among other features.

A weather system, dedicated servers, and interestingly, a "framework for player generated gameplay", might make it to the game at some point too, though these should be quite some time away. Obsidian also shared the Trello Board it's using to keep track of community reported issues, letting players know what's happening behind the scenes regarding specific bugs.

Grounded is available for purchase on Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam for $29.99 via their early access programs. It is also available to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers across PC and Xbox One.

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