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Grounded now has wasps as new foe in major update, also gets Steam Deck verified

Grounded Super Duper Update

After two years of updates, Obsidian pushed its miniaturized survival game Grounded out of early access last year, but that doesn't mean new content has dried up. Version 1.2, the Super Duper Update, is going live today on PC and Xbox. It has a terrifying type of new foe, almost 100 new items to decorate bases with, and there's good news for Steam Deck owners too.

To give players another threat to deal with, wasps and drones can now be found buzzing about the backyard. Aside from their mini hives that must be taken down, a main nest is hidden somewhere on the map too, which is hosting a deadly Wasp Queen as a new boss battle.

Another major feature of this update is the Super Duper machine, a device that will let players duplicate their equipment using Raw Science. The Duper Discs needed to make the machine work can be found in the story path. The duplicated items even keep their upgrades, making for easier higher tier item sharing between players.

Also here is a new "Handy Gnat" for Creative mode, where players can fly around as a gnat to build in three dimensions easily, a turret rework to offer more ammo types, as well as a new Base Coziness system to reward players for their decoration skills.

Grounded Super Duper Update

Lastly, Grounded is now officially Steam Deck verified, making the tiny adventure fully playable on Valve's tiny and portable PC. Obsidian will also be kicking off a Steam Free Weekend event on April 27, letting anyone jump in and try the game out.

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