Ofcom to make it easier to install mobile signal boosters at home

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The UK’s digital regulator, Ofcom, has unveiled plans to increase the number of mobile signal booster devices that people would be able to buy and use within their premises legally. The regulator is allowing feedback on its proposal until July 28 in case any stakeholders such as mobile companies or private individuals have a suggestion to make about the plans.

In the UK, some mobile signal repeaters require a license to operate, under these plans, Ofcom wants to remove the license requirement on some devices as long as they meet specific technical requirements that ensure the stability of the network. Ofcom also said that it wants to publish a list of mobile phone repeaters on its website if they’ve been approved to help people figure out what they can and cannot use.

In its announcement, the regulator said:

“People who struggle to get a good mobile signal indoors will be able to buy a wider range of devices to help improve the signal they can achieve, under new proposals published by Ofcom today.”

While 5G allows for faster speeds due to the higher frequency it operates at, it also has a shorter range than 4G. In some places like indoor venues, 5G repeaters will be needed to extend the 5G mobile signal indoors. The boosters that Ofcom ends up listing on its site will be able to be used for this purpose.

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