Oh HTC, you tease! A white Windows Phone 8X?

To give it it’s full name, the HTC Windows Phone 8X has been selling well. The reviews, including one from our very own Tim Schiesser, have been more than favourable, especially given the nature of the competition from the Nokia Lumia 920.

Already available in black, blue, red and finally yellow, a white model has shown up on a Twitter post made by HTC themselves.

The image shows two girls sharing a light-hearted moment over the white HTC Windows Phone while their male counterpart has tuned out on his red 8X while listening to music. To be honest, he looks like he’s asleep!

What does this mean though? Could there be a white Windows Phone 8X on its way? Did the marketing department at HTC forget to add the colour to the phone the girls are holding? Does the guy in the picture even know the two girls and just happened to get caught between them?!

The likely answer is that HTC are going to add another colour to the 8X mix, which will be a welcome change for those wanting a more professional looking device without having to resort to the usual black handsets. But we shall wait and see.

Source and Image: HTC’s Twitter

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