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OnePlus 2 will have a USB Type-C port, but better

Last week, OnePlus announced that the much-anticipated successor to its current (and only) smartphone will feature a Snapdragon 810 processor. Indeed, the company also made quite a big deal about how it's using a new version of the 810 that won't overheat - which probably raised a few eyebrows over at Qualcomm, after one of their executives recently dismissed rumors of the chip overheating as "rubbish".

It looks like OnePlus is going to be milking the announcement of its new device for all it's worth, with a slow drip of information revealing one component at a time. The latest detail to be confirmed about the new flagship-class handset is that it will include a USB Type-C connector.

OnePlus says that the 2 "will be the first global flagship smartphone sporting this breakthrough technology", although there's still no indication of when the new device will actually arrive.

The company also says that it has "made further improvements on top of the USB Type C standard that we have patented and that will be exclusive to OnePlus." Sadly, it hasn't said any more about that, but it certainly sounds intriguing.

The Type-C connector is gradually becoming more widely adopted, particularly as next-gen devices replace older ones. Back in March, Google said that the connector would be making its way to plenty of Android devices and Chromebooks "in the near future".

Source: OnePlus

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