Outlook on the web can now show your calendar and tasks next to your inbox

The web version of Microsoft's Outlook service has been updated recently to add a new capability, which lets users view their calendar or tasks from the To Do service next to their e-mail inbox. Until now, the Outlook inbox had links to both calendar and To Do services, but they would open in a different page, taking users away from the inbox.

As seen in the image above, the integration can be accessed through the calendar icon on the top menu bar, next to the Skype button. In this split view, the calendar can only be seen in a weekly or daily view, but you can still view and create new events.

The Tasks view also has limited functionality, but it can work in a pinch, You can also drag e-mails from the inbox into the task list to create a new task, which will include a link to the message itself so you can see it later.

In addition to this change, Microsoft recently added the ability to use different themes while in dark mode, and there have been minor tweaks to the look of the page, such as a redesigned "New Message" button.

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