Pixel perfect? Dell announces the $5,000 UltraSharp 8K Monitor at CES 2017

Dell today announced the UltraSharp 4K Monitor, which the company says is the first of its kind. The resolution is four times that of 4K UHD, so it's a whopping 7860x4320.

The display is 32-inches, but if you look at the bottom-left corner of the photo, you can see just how tiny the taskbar is. Dell told us that it's really not meant for text-based menus at all, and it's designed for creating. Note that that's at 100% scaling.

If you're wondering what kind of cable can power 33.2 million pixels, it uses two DisplayPort 1.3 cables. While just one can power 8K at 30Hz, you'll need two for 60Hz. Aside from that, Dell says that it can produce over a billion colors, and it has a 100% Adobe color gamut.

Coming in at under $5,000, the company says that eventually the price will come down, as tends to be the case with any new technology, comparing it to 4K a couple years ago.

We'll likely see more 8K monitors as time goes on from other companies, but do you think that all of those pixels are necessary? Let us know in the comments.

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