Playstation Portable ships in 2004, PS3 doesn't

A bit of information regarding the new gaming products of the home electronics giant. The Playstation Portable, which will challenge old-timer Nintendo GBA and newcomer Nokia N-Gage, will ship to retailers late 2004. This sounds a bit late indeed, as Nokia NGage seems to get a good head start as it is in beta series production and quite close to launch. On the other hand, Sony gives hints about a consumer friendly price tag.

Our portable console PSP will ship to European retailers late next year. Aside from games, it will be able to play back music and movies. As for pricing, it will certainly be less than portable DVD players and likely more comparable to Nintendo's Game Boy Advance.

In the same article a Sony spokesman tells us that the tuned up PS2 version, the PSX, will hit the stores in late 2003. However, it seems that the luxury product will get a luxury price. Nothing new about the added features.

It will be equipped with a variety of components including a hard-drive, DVD writing capability, TV tuner and more. It will go on sale in Japan later this year, but we expect it to appeal only to technophiles.

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