Poll: Three months on from its launch, have you upgraded to Windows 10 yet?

On July 29, Microsoft launched Windows 10, opening the door to a new generation of devices, and beginning the operating system's rollout to hundreds of millions of PCs already in use around the world. The new OS is being offered as a free upgrade for consumer devices running Windows 7 and 8.1, and so far, the rollout seems to be going rather well.

On October 6, Microsoft revealed that over 110 million devices were already running Windows 10 worldwide, and a report earlier today claimed that this has since risen to 120 million.

Now, three months on from its launch, we're eager to hear if you've upgraded to Windows 10 yet. Did you upgrade manually as soon as the new OS was released, or did you wait for the upgrade notification to arrive on your PC? Are you still waiting for the notification - or, perhaps, have you decided to stick with Windows 7 or 8.1 for the foreseeable future?

Or were you so excited by what Windows 10 has to offer that you decided to purchase a brand new PC with the OS pre-installed?

Cast your vote in the poll, and be sure to let us know more about why you have - or haven't - upgraded in the comments below!

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