Portal 2 DLC trailer connects to the multiverse

On Thursday, Valve announced its plans to release the latest DLC content for Portal 2. The free Perpetual Testing Initiative will allow PC and Mac users of the hit puzzle shooter to create their own puzzles in an easy to use editor. Now the first trailer for the upcoming DLC pack has been released and, not surprisingly, it's a very funny experience.

The trailer is narrated once again by Aperture Science head man "Cave Johnson" (voiced as usual by the great actor J. K. Simmons). Cave basically tells the tale of how Aperture Science has decided to use the infinite number of Earths to be found in the multiverse as a way to trick their residents into making new puzzles for Aperture's experiments. It closes with a quick glimpse into the DLC's puzzle editor itself, which looks supremely easy to use.

Valve has already announced that in addition to letting Portal 2 users make their own puzzle creations, they can also upload their puzzles to Valve's Steam Workshop where others will be able to browse, download and play them as well as vote on which puzzles they like the best. The DLC pack will be released for free on May 8th but there's still no word on if it will be made available for PS3 and Xbox 360 owners.

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