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PowerToys 0.81.1 is out with fixes for the new Advanced Paste AI feature

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PowerToys, a set of advanced utilities for Windows 10 and 11 users, has received one more update. Following last week's major update under version 0.81, Microsoft pushed version 0.81.1 to the general public. It fixes a few bugs in the new Advanced Paste feature, which utilizes artificial intelligence to convert the content of your clipboard. For example, you can convert some code from one language to another. It is also worth noting that Advanced Paste works on existing hardware and does not require buying a Copilot+ PC.

PowerToys 0.81.1 also fixes the bug where the Run launcher would show the accent color on the title bar with that feature turned off in the Windows Settings app.

Here is the complete changelog for PowerToys version 0.81.1:

  • Fixed Advanced Paste was being triggered by some external software when some of the hotkeys were not set. Slack's tray icon was the most common example in the issues that were opened.
  • Added a GPO rule for Advanced Paste to disable AI online models usage and prevent users from entering the API key.
  • Improved descriptions on Advanced Paste Settings and OOBE pages to clarify that usage of AI is opt-in and that it can be used without AI.
  • Fixed the Advanced Paste settings page UX showing that it could enable/disable clipboard history when that feature is not allowed by GPO.
  • Fixed PowerToys Run showing the accent color on the title bar when that option is turned on in Windows Settings.

You can download PowerToys 0.81.1 from GitHub. Alternatively, head to this link to get the app from the Microsoft Store. If you are already a PowerToys user, go to Settings > General and press "Check for updates" to get to the latest version. PowerToys is available on Windows 10 and 11, and older Windows versions are not supported.

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