Pro Race Driver (PC/PS2/Xbox)

The racing-game genre has never been the most innovative one. Whether it's a simulation racer or an arcade one, the genre's progress is usually pretty mundane; requisite improvements always include a certain number of new cars, a certain number of new tracks, improved physics, and the obligatory graphics boost -- not exactly the most earth-shattering stuff. So it's quite rare when a racing game brings something fresh to the table, yet that's exactly what Pro Race Driver has done. Being developed and published by Codemasters, PRD is a descendent of the company's TOCA series, which also includes Jarret and Labonte Stock Car Racing. The game appears to retain the outstanding physics of its predecessors, while adding some very unique RPG elements. It will be released for the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation2 platforms this June.

News source: SportPlanet

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