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ProtonMail launches public beta of its fully encrypted calendar

ProtonMail has announced that it has launched the public beta of ProtonCalendar, the firm’s fully encrypted calendar solution. Unlike alternative products, ProtonCalendar encrypts event titles, descriptions, locations, and participants; this makes it “impossible” for others - including ProtonMail - to see your event details.

Commenting on the new product, Andy Yen, Founder and CEO of ProtonMail, said:

“Our goal is to create and make widely accessible online products which serve users instead of exploiting them. Like ProtonMail, ProtonCalendar is engineered to put user privacy first, and in that respect, we are the polar opposite of Google. With the launch of ProtonCalendar beta, we move one step closer to providing a full suite of services which can replace Google for users who want more control over their data.”

In the announcement, the firm highlighted the fact that the personal calendar market is cornered by Google which bases its business model around "invasion of privacy" in order to target advertisements. It said that data stored in calendars is particularly sensitive and gives Google a lot of information in order to build profiles about its users. ProtonCalendar, on the other hand, is designed to give users privacy, full control and ownership of their data.

The ProtonCalendar beta is available now for all paid ProtonMail users, it will see a wider launch when it leaves beta and becomes available for everyone in 2020.

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