PSA: Don't try to install Windows 10 on unsupported phones

Yesterday’s launch of the preview version of Windows 10 for phones left many users quite angry because the build is only available on a limited number of low-end devices. And as such some have chosen to take some drastic actions.

We’ve received a number of tips now related to a Polish website that claims it managed to install Windows 10 on an unsupported device: the Lumia 625. The website even has a tutorial on how you might be able to do it on other devices as well.

Their strategy relies on a registry editor, which has to be sideloaded on an SD card on a device using the Preview for Developers. Then, using the editor, you change the Phone Model and the firmware version to match one of the supported devices. Then you run the Windows Insider app and download Windows 10. We haven’t tried this so we can’t confirm if it actually works.

While many of you might be tempted to try this method out, we’re here to urge against that. First of all the method, if it even works, would only be limited to devices that support SD cards – so still no flagship support.

Secondly this might work on a very few select devices but trying it will much more likely brick or kill your phone. There are very good technical reasons why Windows 10 is only limited to a few phones for now. Simply flashing an image to a non-supported device has a very high chance of destroying said device.

Lastly, give Microsoft and the team some credit. They’re working hard not only to ensure that more devices get added to the program but that Windows 10 runs more or less smoothly on said devices. Installing it on a wholly unsupported phone might lead to major issues which currently have zero support.

Oh and let’s not forget that Gabriel Aul said new phone builds would come out monthly or even faster than that. If you’ve waited this long, why risk destroying your device instead of waiting a bit more?

Thanks T.J for the original tip!

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