Putting WiFi into camera memory cards

Chip start-up Eye-Fi has created a memory card that includes a Wi-Fi chip. When a picture is taken, the photo is automatically sent to a photo site, according to Ken Elefant, a partner at Opus Capital, which has invested in the company. When you get the memory card, you set the priorities so that the photos get automatically sent to a given photo site. It is currently unclear on whether the user can choose which photos are sent or whether every single one is transferred. One element that Eye-Fi is trying to integrate is the automatic posting of images to photo blogs. The card fits the standard SD format because the memory chips are stacked.

Considering wi-fi can tap battery power and raise the price of memory cards but the chip can essentially save the end-user a lot of time, tell me Neowin, is this something consumers want?

News source: News.com

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