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Recent study reveals free Wi-Fi is essential to campers in the U.S.

The word "camping" is usually associated with the idea of interacting with nature, sitting on an open campfire and roasting marshmallows. It can serve as an escape from the hustle and bustle of the fast-moving city life, providing a moment to relax and stay sane.

According to a recent study by Kampgrounds of America, a camping association, people go camping mainly to "reconnect with nature," "reduce stress and relax," and "to spend more time with family and friends." However, a peculiar discovery was found on the study: while many go camping to relax and disconnect from their online lives, Wi-Fi is still essential to them when choosing a campground.

The association surveyed 3,000 people and concluded that free Wi-Fi is one of the most important camping amenities. It ranks third, below "clean and well-maintained bathhouses/restrooms," and a campground's "kid-friendliness." It has also been realized that a wireless internet connection is even more important for the survey respondents than lighting, cabins, and campground stores.

Graph via Kampgrounds of America

Moreover, the survey found that 83% of campers bring cellular phones with them whenever they go camping. Over 70% has said that they go online at least once during camping, either by a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The reasons listed included checking email or uploading photos of their trips to share on social networking sites. According to the Kampgrounds report:

It appears that many campers are using social media to share their camping experiences during the experience versus waiting until they are home.

All things considered, the report stated that there is a growing reliance on technology among campers due to these technologies being integrated and embedded to their lifestyles. It also emphasized that campers are very likely to form into groups that are either highly connected to the internet, or groups that are connected yet do not find the internet a necessity for camping, as well as those who are completely disconnected.

Source: Kampgrounds of America via Quartz | Image via Shutterstock

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