Report: Metro rebranding to come this week

Following news that Microsoft would be phasing out the "Metro" branding of its design language, it now appears the company will have a new term to replace the outgoing moniker later this week.

Metro, as it's currently known, will be replaced by a term that Microsoft "plans to land on that by the end of this week," according to a leaked memo obtained by The Verge. Microsoft has told employees to refer to the design language and new Windows 8 interface as the "Windows 8-style UI" until a final name is decided upon. Tom Warren states the memo was sent out earlier this week, meaning news of the replacement term should come this weekend.

Despite using the word "Metro" to describe the design language since Windows Phone 7 was revealed in 2010, Microsoft decided to rebrand the design language as the result of "discussions with an important European partner," according to the leaked memo. A spokesman told ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley that the rebranding is not the result of any pending litigation and called the current term a "code name" even though Microsoft has promoted its usage since 2010.

Source: The Verge

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