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Report: Microsoft won't add Start button for Windows 8

It's one of the biggest and most controversial changes in Windows 8; the removal of the familiar Start button. The change has upset lots of traditional Windows PC users. It has also caused many to search for alternatives, such as Stardock's recently launched free Start8 app.

However, it looks like Windows 8 PC users will have to continue to find alternate means to create a Start button for the OS. The Seattle Times states that according to a report from the investment banking firm Nomura, Microsoft has no plans to add their own Start button menu in future versions of Windows 8.

Nomura claims it held meetings this week with Tami Reller, who doubles as Microsoft's head of marketing and the CFO of Windows and Windows Live. According to what Reller said at the meetings, Microsoft won't budge from its position of eliminating the traditional Start button in Windows 8.

However, the company will apparently be offering users a tutorial "to show keyboard/mouse users the new commands that they need to orient themselves with in the new OS so they are not lost when they first encounter the product."

It remains to be seen if a simple tutorial will placate the many Windows 8 users who will likely still want the Start button. We will bet that third party companies such as Stardock will offer up their own solutions if Microsoft does not act.

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