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Report: Siri causing iPhone 4S connection issues

Of all of the new hardware and software features in Apple's iPhone 4S, the Siri voice recognition software has been singled out by both reviewers and owners of the phone as its most impressive new feature. Being able to speak into a phone for directions to a restaurant, checking the weather forecast and even telling Siri "Thank you" results (well, a lot of the time) in intelligent, and often funny, responses from the software's soothing female voice.

Now Reuters reports that Siri is so popular that its users may be overwhelming the online connections needed for the software to work. Apple's online support message board has a number of posts from iPhone 4S users complaining of connection issues while using Siri. It's more than likely that Apple's servers have been hit hard by the over four million current owners of the smartphone who bought the device this weekend. All of them might trying out Siri for the first time and as a result Apple's servers can't quite handle the strain at times. Twitter user "thebrowncoat" posted a message that said, "Apple may have sold 4 mil iPhone 4S's, but I think they may need some extra servers for Siri. Getting constant 'unable to connect' errors."

So far Apple has yet to respond officially on any connection problems iPhone 4S might be having with Siri. However, the software is a first generation product and we suspect that Apple will be offering updates to the software in the future along with more servers to handle the increased demand.

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