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Report: Tablets replacing laptops and netbooks among consumers

Apple's iPad tablet has become extremely popular among consumers and many think that the success of the iPad as well as other tablets could replace the laptop and netbook. As reported by Industry Gamers, a new study conducted by Resolve Market Research shows that trend does indeed seem to be happening

The survey asked people which devices consumers would not buy after purchasing a tablet like an iPad. In 2011 the survey said that a whopping 53 percent of people would not purchase an e-reader after buying a tablet, which is up from 49 percent in 2010. 42 percent of survey participants said they would give up buying a laptop or netbook after buying a tablet which is well above the 32 percent of people who answered that question in 2010.

Once more survey participants said they prefer using a tablet over a laptop or netbook to perform various tasks like playing games, using apps, reading books, watching video, listening to music and podcasts and more. The laptop is still preferred for writing emails and creating documents but it barely edged the tablet in terms of browsing the Internet (47 percent for laptops vs 46 percent for tablets).

However that attitude did not extend to other electronics products. Just 26 percent of the survey participants said they would not purchase a portable gaming device after buying a tablet. That's down from a much larger 38 percent of survey participants in 2010. Similarly only 14 percent of the people who answered that question said they would not purchase a game console after buying a tablet. Again that result is down from 27 percent who gave that answer back in 2010.

Finally Apple's iPad still dominates in terms of consumer awareness. The survey said that 90 percent of survey participants were aware of the iPad and 83 percent were aware of the iPad 2. Other tablets were well behind; just 44 percent were aware of the Xoom tablet from Motorola while 46 percent were aware of Samsung's Galaxy Tab.

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