RIAA Fights to Keep Wholesale Pricing Secret

UMG vs. Marie Lindor is one of few cases where the defendant is fighting, instead of settling with the RIAA. The record labels consider pricing information (believed to be ~70¢ per track) as a trade secret and are against Lindor's attempts to gain access to it. Lindor's attorney Ray Beckerman, argues that the only reason the labels want to keep this information under lock and key is to "serve their strategic objectives for other cases." If granted, the proposed order would force the labels to turn over pricing and volume information regarding contracts with their 12 largest customers. Lindor makes the argument that the damages sought by the RIAA are excessive: as usual, the labels are seeking damages of $750 per song shared. Lindor argues that the actual damages suffered by the RIAA are in line with the wholesale price per song (between $2.80 and $7.00).

News source: Ars Technica

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