Rumor: iPhone 5 now due out in October?

A few days ago, rumors hit the Internet that seemed to confirm that the release date of Apple's iPhone 5 would be released sometime in September. But now a new report at the web site now claims it has heard word from unnamed sources that it will be released sometime in October. The article added that its sources have even suggested it will be out in the later part of October rather than earlier.

This is in contrast to a previous report at Boy Genius Report which claimed that one of the iPhone wireless carriers, AT&T, was preparing its employees for a lot more foot traffic in its stores in September. This naturally led most to believe that AT&T was getting ready for the launch of the iPhone 5. However's sources say otherwise with one unnamed source quoted as saying, "I don’t know why AT&T’s calling for all hands on deck those weeks, but it’s not for an iPhone launch."

Meanwhile the rest of the world is still waiting anxiously for the launch of the iPhone 5. Apple missed its usual June/July time frame for the 2011 edition. The delay was likely due in part to the massive earthquake in Japan last March that caused supplies of iPhone parts to be delayed. There are lots of rumors about if the iPhone 5 will have an all new case design or not, but most analyst believe it will have the new A5 dual core processor inside, which is used in the current version of the iPad.

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