Rumor: Logitech bought 200 million keyswitches for keyboards

Logitech has long been a major player in the computer peripheral market, and 2012 marked their first foray into mechanical keyboards, with the G710+ using Cherry MX keyswitches.

According to a Redditor going by the name of 'YumYumPandaBurgers', Logitech has purchased 200 million Cherry MX switches. The Redditor states his source is 'fairly reliable', but that it should still be taken with a degree of skepticism, just in case.

An average keyboard uses around 105 keys, depending on the layout; some keyboards have more, some less. The only mechanical Logitech offering right now, the G710+, has a few additional macro keys. Even so, 200 million switches would point to a lot more mechanical production from the company.

User csm725 claimed the company bought 50 million switches for the first batch of G710+ boards; could a four-fold increase over the previous order hint at more new mechanical keyboards on the way, or is Logitech simply anticipating enormous new demand for its existing offering? Time will tell.

Reviews of the G710+, so far, have been positive; Destructoid, MacNN and Benchmark Reviews have all seemed happy with the G710+'s performance. Here at Neowin, we've reviewed many competing mechanical keyboards this year, including the Corsair K90 Vengeance, Das Keyboard, and Matias Tactile Pro.

Source: /r/mechanicalkeyboards | Image via Logitech

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