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Rumor: Microsoft set to unveil ‘Direct Experience Platform' for Windows 8?

Even with Windows 8 still at least 2 years away, the rumor mill is beginning to pick up regarding what might be included. According to BeingManan, “That big Windows 8 leak and some patent applications show what Microsoft planned for Windows 8, my recent finding is titled ‘Direct Computing Experience’.”

This patent application discusses how a laptop is sometimes used simply for watching a DVD. However, the multiple functions of the laptop tend to get in the way when the user wants to complete a simple task like that. Apparently, in order to remedy that problem, Microsoft is planning to put computers into a state of reduced functionality or “Sandboxed Mode.” This mode will allow users to easily get to the task that they want to accomplish without the other functionality prohibiting it. A summary of the aforementioned patent application states the following:

“Briefly, various aspects of the subject matter described herein are directed towards launching a computing device into a special computing experience (referred to as a direct experience) upon detection of a special actuation mechanism coupled to the computing device. For example, a dedicated button, a remote control device, and so forth may trigger a different operating mode, such as by launching a particular application program. The special actuation mechanism may instead (or additionally) cause the device to be operated in a constrained, or sandbox mode, in which only limited actions may be taken, e.g., as defined by a manufacturer or end user.”

The primary idea behind this functionality is that you may not be required to login and await the loading of other programs and services prior to watching your movie. The process will supposedly be automated once you click a single button. The user would be able to push a button to cause the computer to lookup media (DVD, Music, Video Files, Pictures, etc…). The flowchart below illustrates what I mean:

 Direct Experience for Windows 8?
Image Credit: BeingManan

Another possible benefit of Direct Experience is the improvement of battery life on laptops. The platform could possibly be activated not only by pushing a button, but also plugging in certain hardware. Overall, this could prove to be a great enhancement to the everyday computing experience. 

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