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Microsoft Flight Simulator is back! Less the 'Simulator'

It’s been a day full of gaming news from Microsoft, but perhaps the most exciting – at least to your grandfather, or plane-obsessed uncle – was the announcement that marks the return of the longest running game franchise of all time. Yes folks, Microsoft’s Flight Simulator is back, contrary to reports that it may have died when Microsoft closed down the studio responsible for updating it some time back.


Microsoft Flight's logo, as seen on the game's website.

Yet upon this release, Flight Simulator has a new name: Microsoft Flight. The game’s website claims that it was ‘inspired’ by the original Flight Simulator series that first launched in 1980 (on Apple’s II), with the last version (Flight Simulator X) being released in 2006.


Microsoft’s original “Flight Simulator”. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Details are scarce at the moment, and the website is live, but has limited information with the exception of a press release and a video. The game is set to appear on Games For Windows Live later this year.

Source: Liveside.net

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