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Rumor: Microsoft to Support Windows on Bootcamp

While you may have to keep a few grains of salt nearby for this one, it appears as though internal emails are going out to Microsoft support techs informing them that the company is going to changing it's stance on issuing support for copies of Windows that are installed on Apple computers using the Bootcamp software available with OS X.

Before the rumored change, Microsoft treated Bootcamp installations of Windows as their own red headed step child. To put it simply: They refused to help you if you had a problem. Apparently, however, papa Microsoft has had a change of heart and is extending a helping hand to those Mac users who still have a soft spot for Windows. While the support will not include any help with the actual installation process, configuration of Bootcamp, or anything related to the EFI employed on Macs, all retail copies of Windows will now receive the standard two free warranty calls afforded to their PC counterparts. Something is better than nothing, right?

Nothing has been confirmed by Microsoft themselves, though, so there's no promises coming from us, but if you are one of those people running Windows on your Mac and could use a little help, hang in there. Microsoft may just answer your calls one day.

News source: Neowin.net (thanks Cansokid)

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