Rumor: Second manufacturer needed for iPad?

A second manufacturer for Apple's best selling iPad device may be in the works to help Apple boost production of the product. Digitimes reports via unnamed sources that Apple is looking at companies such as Quanta Computer and Pegatron Technology to help make the third generation version of the iPad. The second company will reportedly help assemble the iPad in addition to Foxconn Electronics.

The story states that one of the reasons for looking for a second maker for the iPad is the explosion at a Foxconn plant in May in Chengdu, China. That accidental blast killed three workers at the plant and injured 15 others. Many analysts predicted that the explosion might slow down iPad shipments and therefore sales of the product. Now Digitimes states, "The accident has forced Apple to seek a second contractor in order to minimize production risk."

This report comes as Internet reports have been flying around concerning either the launch of an iPad 3 later this year or perhaps an "iPad HD" that will increase the screen resolution to 2048 x 1536. Digitimes is still claiming that the new version of the iPad, whatever it might have inside in terms of features will be released sometime either in the third quarter or perhaps early in the fourth quarter of 2011. Apple is expected to launch the fifth generation version of the iPhone in September as well as its annual refresh of its iPod media player family of products. As usual Apple has yet to comment on these latest rumors and unsourced reports.

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