Samsung Canada warns that Note7 devices in the country will become paperweights on Dec 15

Samsung Canada has warned in a press release that any Galaxy Note7 handsets still not turned in, despite a worldwide recall, will no longer be able to connect to any mobile provider in the country from Dec 15 - with the exception of calling emergency services - rendering the already unsafe device little more than an expensive paperweight.

The press release also notes that 90% of Canadian Note7 customers have made use of the recall service following Samsung's official policy on the matter back in October, but that still leaves a stubborn 10% of users in the country, which could translate to an estimated 2,200, going off number of sales known in Sep 2016 that are still using it, or haven't turned it in for whatever reason.

The post also states that it is illegal to resell or giveaway the recalled device and "functional limitations, including a limitation on the battery charge, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth disablement will be implemented as early as December 12th, 2016." Samsung Canada also stated that customers can also expect a daily push notification (from Dec 7 onward) about the network deactivation event to ensure they continue to receive adequate notice.

If you reside in Canada and for some reason still have a Note7 in your possession, you can go here for details on how to return it.

Source: Samsung Canada

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