Samsung could be infringing on another Apple patent

You remember the legal battle between Samsung and Apple that dominated tech news in 2012, right? It's probably one of the most extensively covered legal battles in the tech sector, and it looked to have ended with Samsung getting fined.

Well, here we go again. Case 337-796 with the International Trade Commission has Samsung infringing on Apple's turf, an ITC judge has confirmed. If you don't know that specific case (don't be surprised, we didn't either), it's the one about text-selection tools.

Devices that infringe on this are the Galaxy line-up of handsets, Samsung's Transform models and even the Galaxy Nexus. A full ITC commission is set to decide whether to uphold or overturn the judge's decision, but if they uphold it all those devices can be banned from importation into the United States.

It doesn't seem like this is the only time 337-796 has been mentioned. Business Insider has an article dating back to September 2012 that makes reference to it. Finding documentation on the case isn't too easy at the moment - plugging the number into Google brings up info on the US auto industry from 1989 until 1990.

Source: Reuters

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