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Samsung creating flexible displays, available soon

Is your current phone too thick and bulky? Samsung is aiming to fix that by investing heavily in flexible AMOLED displays. BGR is reporting through a translated DDaily article that the company is working on reducing the thickness of the display from an already thin 1.8mm down to an amazing 0.6mm. Not only will this cut down on the bulk of future phones, it will also make them much lighter.

While Samsung expects these new thin displays to be in production come 2014, they will not be flexible right out of the gate. The reason is that the technology still requires a rigid glass layer to cover the display, and that material is not yet flexible. However the company is still working on a way to solve this problem as well. From the Bing translation:

Another glass of non-film-type equipment partners collaborated with thin bags (sealed) equipment development and introduction. Organic water oxygen or moisture if exposed to the ilheobeorigi function so it is essential to create a bag process exploits. Just a thin film that can be bent, you should use the type, because the cost as a sealed, multilayer rising factor.

We’re impressed with the thickness of current phones (the Samsung Galaxy S3 is only 8.6mm thick), but thinner and lighter is almost always better so it will be exciting to see the new devices when they hit store shelves in 2014, just in time for everyone to upgrade their current phones.

Via: BGR
Source: DDaily | Image courtesy of DDaily

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