Samsung Galaxy S8 said to include Windows 10 Mobile Continuum-style 'Mobile Workspace'

Continuum on Windows 10 Mobile...

Microsoft is continuing to develop its Windows 10 Mobile operating system, despite its decision to pull back from the phone hardware market, with many of its own handsets now running out of stock in numerous countries. But one of the key features from its smartphone OS may soon be available on Samsung's new Android flagships.

Continuum is one of the defining features of Windows 10 Mobile, allowing owners of supported handsets to use a mouse and keyboard with their device when it's connected to a larger display. When in Continuum mode, the OS offers a PC-like interface, including a desktop-style Start menu and full-screen Windows Store applications.

A leaked slide published by All About Windows Phone (AAWP) suggests that Samsung is preparing to introduce its own version of the Continuum experience on its upcoming Android-based Galaxy S8 flagship phones.

...and Samsung's version of a Continuum-style experience | Image: AAWP

Referred to as Samsung's "Next Mobile Workspace", the slide promises a "desktop experience" including multi-tasking, and support for an external monitor, mouse and keyboard. The image on the slide indicates that Samsung's implementation would require a wired connection from the phone to the secondary display, along with a wireless connection from the mouse and keyboard to the phone.

The slide is said to be part of a wider presentation about the Galaxy S8. While the presentation is clearly not intended for use at a glitzy public launch event, it looks like the kind of thing that companies send to key partners - such as analysts and even retailers - to privately brief them on new products. However, it appears from the report that even AAWP isn't 100% sure of the image's authenticity.

If the image is accurate, though, it would come as unwelcome news for Microsoft, given that Continuum is such an important and distinctive feature for Windows 10 Mobile. That said, there's still a great deal that we don't know about Samsung's plans, or how well this purported Next Mobile Workspace feature would actually work in practice.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is preparing to deliver the next major update to devices running its mobile OS in the next few months. The Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update will include improvements to the Continuum experience, including resizable and 'snappable' Windows, along with the ability to pin apps to the taskbar.

Source: All About Windows Phone

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