Samsung introduces new QLED and microLED TVs at CES 2020

Samsung has announced a new range of bleeding-edge TVs for 2020 ahead of this week's CES. The new range includes new microLED and QLED TVs, as well as the expanded availability of the vertical Sero TV.

Starting with microLED, Samsung has introduced new modular TVs, which now come in new sizes, from 75 inches all the way to 150 inches diagonally. There are new 88- and 150-inch models which are virtually bezel-less so they fit seamlessly into your home, and they're also very thin. If you need even more, you can combine multiple panels to make the screen as big as you want. Samsung says its microLED TVs offer " greater depth, better resolution, and higher clarity", but most notably, they can reach a peak brightness of 5,000 nits.

Samsung is also introducing the Q950TS 8K QLED TV, which, in addition to the picture quality you'd expect from 8K, also has an "Infinity Screen", meaning it has a 99% screen-to-body ratio. Since 8K content is still pretty rare, Samsung has also included an AI Quantum Processor 8K, which upscales content to "true-to-life 8K", though you probably shouldn't expect this to look as good as native 8K. The company is also working with partners like YouTube to enable 8K streaming, and it's working on adding support for the AV1 codec for better compression rates and HDR10+ support.

The TV also offers premium sound features like Object Sound Tracking+, which detects where objects are in the picture to deliver better 5.1 channel surround sound. Other features like Q-Symphony and Active Voice Amplifier also make the sound experience better.

Finally, Samsung is bringing The Sero to more markets this year. If you remember, The Sero is a TV that's designed to sit in a vertical aspect ratio most of the time, with the goal being to view mirrored content from the user's phone. It can rotate to a horizontal view, too. The TV launched in Korea last year, but it will expand to more markets this year.

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