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Samsung shows off its Transparent MICRO LED Display ahead of CES 2024

Samsung booth at MWC

Ahead of the CES 2024, Samsung has introduced a new display that uses Transparent LEDs to project content and it promises to make "the line between content and reality virtually indistinguishable".

Transparent displays are not a new thing and Samsung has been trying to improve it ever since the company first announced it back in 2015. However, with its new Transparent MICRO LED Display, Samsung promises to offer a superior experience to users, when compared to its competitors. The company notes that the technology works by having a thin piece of glass-like screen with "an extremely small MICRO LED chip and precision manufacturing process that eliminates seams and light refraction". Samsung promises to offer a clear, unobstructed picture in all scenarios for both home and commercial needs.

Combining superior craftsmanship with six years of tireless research and development, this new modular MICRO LED wowed attendees with its futuristic design. The Transparent MICRO LED’s crystal-clear, glass-like display has revolutionized the viewing experience and attracted the attention of global consumers.

Furthermore, the company also confirmed that the screen will be available in various sizes, allowing users to customize the shape and size to fit their needs.

Touting a modular design that allows users to personalize the shape, size and ratio of screens to fit any space, MICRO LED is a truly innovative screen technology. Samsung’s years of research and development — stemming from its semiconductor expertise — have led to an extremely effective process, allowing LED chip operation circuits to be directly deposited on the glass and thereby mitigating the loss of brightness that users may experience with conventional displays.

Samsung has shared a short video along with the announcement to demonstrate the new Micro LED display.

There is no word on pricing or availability at the moment but we expect Samsung to share more at CES 2024 as well as through the year. It will be interesting to see how the new display fares against the competition.

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