Samsung Reminder can now sync with Microsoft To Do

Microsoft and Samsung's partnership has evolved into a fairly tight bond between the two companies' services and apps over the last couple of years, with Samsung Cloud transitioning to OneDrive, enhanced Link to Windows features like Android apps running on a PC, and the ability to sync Samsung Notes with the OneNote feed. Now, another integration is coming live, with the Samsung Reminder app linking with Microsoft To Do.

With this integration, content created in the Samsung Reminder app can be saved to Microsoft To Do, so you can more easily access it from a PC or the web. Not only that, but you can also set up the app so that reminders created by other apps are also synced directly to To Do. This way, if you ask Bixby to set a reminder or if you create a reminder from Samsung Messages or Notes, those will also show up on To Do, keeping everything in sync across devices.

To enable this, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Open Samsung Reminder and click the three-dot menu to open the app's settings;
  2. From there, enable the option to sync with Microsoft To Do and sign into your Microsoft account;
  3. Once syncing is enabled, you also need to choose the "Save reminders from other apps to" option, and set it to Microsoft To Do instead of Reminder. This way, reminders created with Bixby and other apps are automatically synced with To Do.

Microsoft To Do also exists as a mobile app, so this isn't the only way to have tasks synced across devices, but these integrations do make it easier to do it without installing additional apps. If you're more used to the Samsung ecosystem of apps, they can be a useful addition to keep reminders synced, all the while Microsoft garners more users to its own services.

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