Samsung TV App Store passes 2 million downloads

Samsung has reached download figures of over 2 million apps from its TV App Store, less than two months after reaching their first million, Samsung Hub revealed earlier today. Considering that Samsung's first million took almost 9 months to achieve, the TV App Store has picked up a significant amount of momentum, possibly indicating a change in how the general public perceive the idea of internet TV.

Out of the 380 apps available, 259 of them are free to download. The most popular ones include YouTube, Google Maps and Texas Hold 'Em. While content consumption apps like Hulu are an obvious fit for a TV, others such as Texas Hold 'Em are surprising, showing that a market exists for casual gaming even after the runaway success of the Wii.

But Samsung isn't stopping there. At CES 2011, it revealed plans to overhaul its Smart Hub interface, allowing for much easier navigation and faster searching. Picture-in-picture and a systemwide search bar are both key features Samsung are integrating in the hope that using apps will be a much easier experience. Samsung has plans to sell 12 million of their new Smart TVs this year, further expanding the TV App Store to even more consumers. But as third-party solutions like Google TV pick up speed, Samsung's success may be short-lived as customers decide to stay with their current TV and purchase a set-top box instead.

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