Samsung's foldable phone shows up in leaked teaser video

Samsung has generated some buzz around its foldable smartphone since it was (kind of) shown off at its Developer Conference last year. At CES 2019, the device was reportedly shown to a limited audience behind closed doors, but now we may be getting the best look at it yet.

As reported by XDA, Samsung Vietnam's YouTube channel uploaded a promotional video meant to be released on February 20, the day of the Unpacked event where the phone is likely to be announced. The video seems to show more than one Galaxy device, with only one instance clearly showing the folding phone being opened up. The video was quickly pulled from YouTube, but it has been re-uploaded on MEGA, so you can see it below:

You can see that moment at the 0:24 mark, and if the phone ends up looking anything like what's in this shot, Samsung has come a long way since the prototype shown back in November. The phone seen here has much smaller bezels inside and out, and the outward-facing screen seems to have a more typical aspect ration than the 21:9 display that was on the prototype last year.

Aside from the folding phone scene, the promotional video shows a range of different technologies. One scene includes what appears to be an ultrasound scanner connected to the phone, while another focuses on AR capabilities for games. Of course, these kinds of shot tend to be "enhanced", so it remains to be seen what these phones will look like in the real world. With Samsung's Unpacked event just a few weeks away, we won't have long to wait to find out.

Source: XDA

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