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Scam Unleashes Trojan With Movie Ticket Lure

Security company Sophos is warning users that a new fraudulent spam campaign that promises a trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean 3, along with the chance to win free tickets. Instead of getting the goods as promised, though, users are being infected with the Troj/Yar-A, a Trojan horse hidden as an e-mail attachment. The e-mail's subject line reads, "Pirates of the Caribbean 3." After talking about the movie itself, the e-mail then tells users that the movie trailer is provided in the attachment.

"Of course, there are no tickets. And there is no film trailer - just a malicious program which tries to download further malware from the Internet. Remember: If an e-mail sounds too good to be true, then you can safely assume that it isn't true. Don't try, don't buy, don't click, don't reply," said Paul Ducklin, head of technology in Sophos' Asia Pacific region.

News source: InformationWeek

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